07 KX85 overhaul

My 10 year old son spent the last couple of months going over his kx85 making sure she's all ready for the coming season, Motor was still fresh so no work done on it other than a shifter seal, changed fork fluids, home made seat bump, new graphics, full teardown, detailed every part, greased every bearing - I didn't give him much help with it - I restapled the seat cover, put the new rubber on and showed him a few things, but he did pretty much everything else including changing out the shock bearing.

Here's the final result:








that bike looks awsome.tell youre boy he did good.like i tell my boy theres more to them than just riding.i tell him if you are going to ride then you also need to learn to maintain them also.:ride:


Nice looking bike! He did great work!

Thanks Guys - I'll pass along the kudos. This is his second bike - the first - a 2000 kx65 was a full restoration including frame painting - he tore it down to the frame in 3 hours without any help - I was blown away. I did the painting and started teaching him about engines then - he was 7 but had been exposed to motors a long time so he was quick to catch on. That bike got 1 complete motor rebuild and several top ends to boot and he really dug in to help with those so he's getting to be really good at this stuff.

This overhaul, I emphasized teaching him how to use a torque wrench properly.

It's always a good day when your kid tells you he learned a lot of good stuff today.


My sons name is Dylan as well. Give him a big :ride: Looks awesome.

Great work by your son Dylan

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