Most relieable 4t offroad bike

Hey guys, I am curious as to what you think is the most reliable and easiest to maintain 450 offroad bike on the market. I am wanting a new bike and I would like to know which bike has the best reliability and cost the least to fix/maintain. I am 6'2 and weigh about 215lbs and it will be ridden in everything from desert to tight woods and fast fire roads.



xr400 far and away cheapest & reliable, but it's not a 450 and they don't sell them in the US anymore

For new 450's, all are basically race bikes, I would put money on a ktm 450 xc-w or a wr450, the kawasaki has had some issues, and the honda eats valves

With what you have stated "new, 450, reliable, cheap" I would buy a left over WR. I think '07-'09 are pretty much identical (maybe even '10). There are great deals around on these left overs (and others).

Yeah I've always heard the XR's were tanks but I am wanting something a bit newer and lighter. I for sure don't want to be fixing valves all of the time. How about the WR's?

+1 on the WR. The XR400 is a dog, you will be disappointed with it if you are expecting 450 power.

wr is imo the most reliable of the new ones, and fairly cheap to keep going, they all get very expensive fast if you dont keep up with stuff

I have to agree on the WR. I have been riding dirt bikes for 35 years. During that time, I have owned quite a few. My two favorites have been my (current) WR250F and my KTM200. They were both 100% reliable; meaning nothing failed while I owned them.

If I were your size, I would go with a WR450 or the KTM300 XCW-e.

ktm 300 exc or xcw. Really look at them. I know they are 2 strokes, but they are completly different than MX bikes, way better in stock form too.

Those were the two choices that I was leaning towards. I have always had 2t's but I am kind of interested in having a 4t. I know that a 2stroke is probably the cheapest to maintain, but I am kind of turned on by the traction and not having to mix gas any more..

a 300 will bog down so low a crawl your ass over anything. I saw a couple out on the trails last week with big guys on them. Mixing gas isn't so bad if you mix 3oz per gallon and have two tanks. The only bad thing is that full synthetic pre mix is over 15 bucks a quart...

Right on. I actually had a 96 ktm 300 in highschool and I enjoyed the bike a lot. Decisions decisions....

a 300 will bog down so low a crawl your ass over anything. I saw a couple out on the trails last week with big guys on them. Mixing gas isn't so bad if you mix 3oz per gallon and have two tanks. The only bad thing is that full synthetic pre mix is over 15 bucks a quart...

if you mix at 40:1 you get 40 gallons of fuel out of $60 worth of oil, if yur changing the oil in your 4 stroke as often as you sohuld be you use way more oil then a two stroke does.

I also like the idea of having a fuel injected bike that I don't have to screw with the jetting on.

As long as you do oil changes and air filter cleaning regularly any 450 will be reliable for offroad use!!!!!!!! You wont be bouncing off the revlimiter and lower speed in the trails etc. And Honda's are the cheapest to rebuild and maintain etc. One cam and most economical heads and parts etc. At least for the 450's. Just my thoughts.

Like has been said, if you change your oil on a 4t like you should you will end up spending more on oil than with a 2t. As for getting one with FI, well there you're going to be limited to Husaberg or Husqvarna. The Berg is freakin awesome but it's very expensive, the Husky from what I've read is not all that great but it's price is pretty decent. If you get an MX bike then they are all FI now and IMO the Kawasaki 450 is best of the bunch.

You sound like low maintenance is a big issue as is reliability and that would be the WR450 but when you do work on it it's a nightmare, absolute nightmare. Your next best bet is still a 2t and for that I'd suggest the KTM 300!!!! I just came off an 07 WR450 which I thought was a great bike, but oil changes are a PITA and checking valves was just horrid. My 300 is cake to work on and pulls everybit as good!

10min to change the oil on a crf450 and about as long to check the valve clearances!!! Doesnt get much easier? I admit 2t have there place and cheap rebuilds but they are stinky to ride behind and you always have to mix your fuel. Plus torgue is what makes a 4st that much easier to ride. He wants somthing he can put around on with his family. Im still voting XR400. Plus you dont need to change the oil as often on a new thumper if you are only trial riding and putting around. Oh well enough of the debate Hope you find yourself a good bike to ride whatever it is??? It doesnt matter as long as it has two wheels and a throttle!!! LOL.

He isn't going to ride behind his own bike, and they smell good....

I actually like the smell of 2t's and I wont be putting around very often, especially in the desert. I appreciate the advice on getting an XR, but I just don't want one. I am pretty interested in the 300xc-w, WR450, CRF450, and the 4t KTMs. How often do you have to check the valves on the 4ts? I don't mind doing some maint. but what I do mind is a $1500 service bill once a year. Maybe that is worst case scenario, I really don't know what to expect on a modern 4t.

How often are you guys having to check valves and get motors re-built on the 4ts?

just stay away from the honda's unless you want the 1500 $ service bill

+1 don't by the honda's, there will be plenty of cheap leftovers for me to snatch up

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