New Canadian moto site (forum)


Check out

No spam, just excited about having some Canadian content eh!

Nice to see!

But why, oh why, does it have to be in the Pinkbike style page layout? :ride:

EDIT: Ah, I is owned by Pinkbike. I log in under my Pinkbike handle (loopsryder) and voila!

F@ck I dislike that layout tho.....

it will be full of to many squidly kids. ther eis already the best canadian mx forum out there. the pink palace

is there a web address for the pink palace? all I find is a backpackers hotel lol

Sounds like a bar down davie st

is there a web address for the pink palace? all I find is a backpackers hotel lol

joined since i already have pinkbike be cool when theres people on it

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      post where your from and what type of riding you do.
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