Need some stuff for 230F

Going to be another riding season coming around the corner and I am gathering a list of what I need since I havent done anything with the bike besides change oil and ride.

Seeing I got the bike spring of 08 I need to get a new air filter, going to go with a No Toil Fast Filter.

Feeling like I need some more power and am going to get a Power Up Jet Kit.

I need to get my left fork seal replaced and I need help finding seal savers.

Thanks James

what year is the bike and aprox how many hours on it?

If it's more then 3-4 years old, I'd also replace the fork bushings, or at the very least inspect them. I usually just go ahead and purchase them, that way you don't have to wait to reassemble the bike if you need to order bushings :ride:

Bike is a 2006 that I bought in 08 brand new. I really haven't rode it as much as I should have already. So it's basically in new condition.

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