need exhaust advice asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can buy a brand new in box Yoshimura Rs2 Pro Carbon Full Exhaust part number 2190182 for $420.00!!! is this worth it on my 07 RMZ450 or should i look for a exhaust that works better for this motor???? please sespond the guy is only going to hold this today only for me.. thanks

I'd say go for it. It's one of the best exhausts out there and you are lucky that you found it so cheap.

Thanks ill call him and go get it

What don't you like about the stock exhaust? How many DB is the new one?

What don't you like about the stock exhaust? How many DB is the new one?

no top end

nothing really i dont want to do anything to the bike actually. i dont race i just ride maybe once a week, in open pits or some man made jumps around my area nothing crazy. but like delmas said the bike just dies on top end it seems to run out of power. so for 420 bucks to get a awesome pipe i just cant turn that down.

update got her on yesterday and took a little ride but i didnt get to open her up, rode out back on some one track i made for rainy days



was told their is no jetting changes because stock and aftermarket are both open systems, but before i ride it again im gonna put in a new plug go ride her for a hour or so and check just to make sure

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