Looking For CRAZY Left Over Deals

Hello everyone, My name is Eric. I rode motocross for 12 years (since 4) Then went and raced cars professionally and gave up mx 4 years ago to do that. I currently have my car for sale In order to come up with funds for a decent suv, enclosed trailer and two brand new mx bikes (one for myself and father since he sacraficed mx too for me to be able to focus on racing). I used to race 250B on a yz450f and will only ride a 4 stroke.

I decided it would be wise to get two of the exact same bikes for ease of spares and maintenance costs. I'm not planning on racing mx anymore just riding for pleasure so I'd need someting no older than an 08.

I found a couple 09 CRF 450's for $5700 OTD a pop and that seems like the best deal I can find? I'm not set on brand at all and would prefer 450's because, well, lets face it last way longer because its not revlimiter all day long and we both used to be pretty quick. But id snag up some 250fs if the price was RIGHT.

Any advice?


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