HELP!! Need part # for AP plastic arm

I have a 1998 WR400 with a Keihin Flat CR carb. While trying to clean the carb, the return action on the throttle started sticking worse and worse. I followed the arm down to the connection near the Accel Pump. There was a small crack in the black plastic arm. When I moved the throttle again the arm broke. I included a pic of the broken part. It is the black plastic arm that connects to the Accel Pump plunger rod, and also controls the spring for the throttle. I have looked extensively at the carburetor exploded view, and I cannot see which part this is. The diagram doesn't show that side of the carb. Please help!


Thanks for the link. The part is ordered $21.00. I couldn't force myself to buy the new rod. $24.00 for something no bigger than a tiny allen wrench. Mine will do for now. They also wanted almost $6.00 for the little rubber boot that goes over the fitting. Isn't that considered statutory rape?

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