KTM 530 EXC Setup

I have a KTM 09 530 EXC. I weigh 180 loaded up with riding gear and I have my settings on the softest settings based on the KTM owners manual. The bike is beating me to death. Ruts are like hitting curbs at full speed and landing a jump feels like my wrist are going to break.

Every bike I have owned never beat me like this, they were probably too soft!

What can I do with the stock setup to ease the pain!


Just because the manual says to set it to XX clicks doesn't mean that will work for you. If you have all the clcikers full soft it will bounce all over the place...Set all the clickers to the mid point and work from there. So if it has 30 clicks set it to 15 OUT(CCW) from fully bottomed. Then work from there. What shock sag are you running?


I'll have to double check, but I think it was 115mm.


So am I safe to assume that the clickers won't fall out if I adjust to far! In otherwords they have stops at both ends, i.e., hard and soft.

Take Lew's advice and add compression damping. Your bike has two bleed shims on the MV that lets the forks ride down in the stroke really bad. Adding LS compression damping via the clicker will help but a revalve would be a great upgrade.

I just saw that there was a link, Duh! I'll give it a try.

Is it possible to revalve yourself? I have a full machine shop.

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