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1995 KX500 Jet Needle Conversion?

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Hoping someone can help me out. Rebuilding a 95 KX500. The guy who had it before me used his dremel tool to make his own "Vortex" grooves in to the intake side of the carb! (Ouch) I was mortified to say the least when I saw this!:ride: Anyway I am going to buy a new Keihin PWK 39mm Carb for the bike. The Kawasaki needle for the bike (N82R) in no longer made! It shows some signs of wear so I want to replace it. I have checked the Keihin conversion charts and I think I am in the ballpark looking at an N-427-48-BEG or an N-427-48-CEG. The biggest question I have is what the taper angle is on the OEM needle. (N82R) Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


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