fork oil change on crf150R

i dont have a manual and not 100% sure on how to change the fork oil in my CRF150R, ANY HELP??


Try to do a search. I down loaded a manual on here not too long ago.

i searched i little and have tried to find an online manual with no luck!!

just did mine not that hard. 5 wt. oil with some tusk seals. Do a search on tt in suspension look for my old post from a couple of weeks ago there was some good info from shockdoc dated 1/11.This is on assembly. Not that hard go for it.


Go to Rockymountainatv look under videos and look up single cartidge fork seals. This vid. will show you the basic info for the job along with the specific shockdoc info in old post you have everything you need. Were here to help.


There's a vid on youtube as well.

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