Need part number on a Keihin 39 Flat CR

I have a 1998 WR400 with a Keihin Flat CR carb. While trying to clean the carb, the return action on the throttle started sticking worse and worse. I followed the arm down to the connection near the Accel Pump. There was a small crack in the black plastic arm. When I moved the throttle again the arm broke. I included a link to the pic of the broken part. It is the black plastic arm that connects to the Accel Pump plunger rod, and also controls the spring for the throttle. I have looked extensively at the carburetor exploded view, and I cannot see which part this is. The diagram doesn't show that side of the carb. Please help!

Also posted in WR400 Forum, but thought since this is somewhat related to the carb I would try to get a different look at it.

While you are in there the pump rod was steel in that year, later are aluminum. The steel rods got rusty and locked up in the bronze bushing its suposed to slide in. Buy the replacement rod to fix that.

The part is ordered. And I am not paying $24.00 for a new rod. That thing is tiny. That is a rip-off. I understand it is an important piece, but my steel one will do just fine. And the $6.00 rubber boot is robbery as well. Did I mention the $29.00 gasket for the lower float bowl? Damn, I feel so abused:bonk:

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