87 warrior more rpm help!


i have a stock 87 350 warrior,want to get more rpm. can i up grade wire harness&cdi+stator.orcan i change fittings on wire harnes for newer cdi.need more rpm.

:banana:Partner you wont get a warrior to scream but you can make it growl, heres my thought, get a exhaust pipe for that thing and a after market air filter I like UNI filters and Ill tell you why, they are foam and they stop more dust from getting into the carb. than a K&N and they flow about the same, some wont agree but the UNI is about $20.00 and the K&N is about $50.00 so. Now as for exhaust look for a tuneable exhaust what I mean is a pipe that has plates in it so if you want to race around with your friends just add a few plates and open it up a little or if you trail ride and don't want to scare the critters out of the woods take out a few plates, remmember you have a 23 year old quad and it maybe a little tired so check your compression first. You can if you sink a lot of money in to your warrior make it scream, but if you really want to scream buy my banshee. Another mod you can do is get a HOTCAMS STAGE-1 you wont have to change you valves and you and your freind can do it in a couple hours, if you do that you'll need to replace you gaskets because youll loosen up the bolts from removeing your head also look into porting your head. GOOD LUCK.....GREASY. KEEP US POSTED ON YOUR BUILD !:ride:

thanks for reply,justwanted to know what someone else thought.open for sugestions ?

you can only rev as high as your valves will let you

Both post earlier are true. The biggest question is, why are U wanting more RPM's? I dirt drag race my warrior, so I need RPM's. I purchased a wiring harness & stator from E-bay for a 94 or 96, ever which one is the 1st. yr. that tha dyna ignition box works on, & then purchased a Dyna ignition box & it helped mine a lot. I haven't programed the ignition yet, but probably will this yr., because I'm gonna put it back to drags again. Like I said, why do U need more RPM's?

I also should say, when U go with all the engine mods, IE: valve spring & cam & the like, U will have more RPM's.

need more power to get up hills

What have U done to the engine & what gearing are U running now?

14tooth front 40tooth rear bored.20,over new piston-rings-pin,newstock cam+chain.aftermarket muffler-cobra.was going to go up one on pilit two on main,but i cant get main jet out?it turns with main nozzle when i try. i tryed impactdriver-wd40-seafoam.the guy who had bike before me did not put washer on main jet.any suggestions would be greatly aprish.

If you want to rev higher, upgrade the valve springs first. Even stock motors at sustained WOT experience valve float from my experience with our 3 warriors. With a performance cam it is even more important that the valve springs are up to snuff because of the extra strain the higher lift cam will put on the springs.

Go to pics & video's in the main forum page & look under "New to TT, Pics of my ride". That is what a modified Warrior can do!!

U said U couldn't get the main jet out of the carb? I tell U what I would do & this is what I did when I 1st. got in to racing. Take the carb top off, see if you can find a drill bit that will go in the jet smoothly without binding, ck. with the end that is smooth 1st., the bit U use to drill with only needs to be a fraction bigger, & I mean a fraction. If U can't find a bit close enough, go to the local welding supply store or a automotive parts store that has welding supplies, like a family owned store & get a set of drill bit tip cleaners & a set of regular tip cleaners, like little round files. U can use them to drill out the jets, these two items will cost around 12-15 bucks. U might want to take the carb with U & open the drill bit kit up & see if there is a bit big enough to drill it out just a small amount, if not, don't buy them, U probably can use the little file cleaners & file it out a little, ck. them also. One other thing U might do 1st, is take the top off the carb & take the screws out of the top of the slide & take the needle out, then lower the ring down a notch on the needle. It"s probably in the middle setting now & go one groove toward the small end of the needle. Be very careful with the ring when U take if off, probably use a very small set of needle nose pliers or a small flat screwdriver & get in the notch of the ring & ease it out of the groove, watch it because it may jump out. Also be careful when U put it back on, because it is easy to jump off if U don't have it in the groove good & U might loose it, if U happen to loose it, U can put some small wire (knida like a bread tie) around the groove & twist it on tight & it will stay on, I've done this also. Oh yeah, try gearing of 13/38, this will let U still idle around in 1st, but will give U some more speed. The 13 will keep your torqe up for pulling like in 2nd gear & the 38 for top end. I hope this helps some.:ride:

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