How do I change grips on a KTM?

Uhhhh, think I could get a little help, Im clueless!

I caught the big fish!

Punish me please! to change grips....aaaaa.......yeah....uuummm....well then. Sorry I'm at a loss for words.:ride:

same way as on other bikes

I caught the big fish!

Punish me please!

Just like you do on Drag bikes!


Somebody caught my lame humor.

call that chris guy and ask him what he did....then do the opposite.....apparently.

odd thing is, most drag bikes ive seem dont even run grips they just hold on to the knurling....

i personally have had a grip come off during a race before....i was sitting on the start line at the 1997 ama amatuer national championships at glen is a 2 day 3 race style combined championship, that year we raced 2 sx races, 2 national track motos, and a gp event all in 2 days.

im at the start of the GP and realize my left grip is swollen and totally loose. i must have gotten some brake or carb cleaner on it, i dont know what to do, right as the gate drops i just pin it....get a decent start and i am loosing spaces as my concentration is on trying to hold my grip on and not racing....i run 2 laps and have dropped back to 30+ outta 40ish place. finally i come around pull off the grip and throw it at my pit board buddy, hit him in the head....grab the bare bar, put my head down andf race up to 21st in the last 2 laps....moral of the story.....grip glue and tie wire, and change them often

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