ktm 950 super enduro

Hey, I'm new and ignorant here but have a question. I currently ride a BRP but am thinking about moving up to a KTM 950 SE for Baja. There is one on ebay now that looks like a deal, anyone have experience with the 950 in Baja type terrain? Any info is appreciated, thanks!

All I know is a friend had one and every time he took it out something failed on it. Not huge trips or anything, all on road, but every single time he did so he was left on the side of the road with a broken down 950.

few people here have one, I have not heard of any problems with them

check advrider, LOTS Of info on them there

I had and 07 and an 08 and loved both of them! Never had one issue. I rode a good bit of the Trans American Trail on the 08 and the only problem I had was picking it up after a long day of riding (8-10 hours).

They are VERY TALL, if that's not a problem for you than buy it!

I'm sure I will have another one brfore to long.



Great Pic's! I have an 07', actually my second. The first one that I picked up caught on fire at 41 miles and melted due to a fuel purge valve problem which caused the catalysts to go nuclear! Only 1400 miles on the second one now in three years, most of which is off-road and I love it!

I hope you like picking up heavy things.

I hope you like picking up heavy things.

It's worth every bit of the trouble picking it up! I have yet to meet anyone that has RODE one that did not like.

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