Bone Spur

Hey Doc, I've got a friend who was having trouble with her knee and the family doc had done an xray and a bone spur showed up on the outer side of her femur close to the joint.

The ortho reccomended therapy and said hopefully that would take care of it. She is in a lot of pain and is only comfortable when she holds it straight. The doc said that if therapy didn't help, the he would do surgery to remove the spur.

My question is..would it just make more sense to do surgery in the first place? How would therapy gid rid of a bone spur?


There are bone spurs and there are BONE SPURs.

Post the X-ray.

I don't have a digital copy of the x-ray but I think I know where you are going with your comment. It is obviuos even from an un trained eye that there is something going on in the x ray. It comes to a very sharp point and protudes what appears to be a half centimeter or more from the femur. The doc she visited said it was tearing on the ligs and tends causing here the pain and swelling

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