riding area in Shelton, WA

Hi -

I'm looking to find out if anyone knows if a particular riding area is open right now. I know that this particular place is shut down some times, but open at other times (for no apparent reason).

The area I'm asking about is in Shelton, WA off of HWY 101 (approx mile marker 345), next to the Mason County Fairgrounds, also next to an air field.

Would be great to know in advance prior to driving out there just to find out it's closed.

Thanks in advance!


The area in Shelton has been closed for about 2 years now. Some people still ride there but park in different areas. Belfair/Tahuya Forest is the next closest riding area that is open.

If I remember correctly the lands adjacent to the Fair Grounds and in the past used by a club (PSER?) for events is owned by a timber company. The club has/had exclusive permission to use the timber company land for its events. The area has not been open to the public in my memory. If the club still stages events there, outlaw riding could jeopardize the clubs status to stage events.

As you can tell I am not sure what the situation is now but in the past if you wanted to ride the area you could:

Join or help the club with their events or enter one of their events. They used to have a beginner enduro every spring which I liked allot.


PS Do a search in the Northwest forum.

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Mason County has not renewed the lease with the Port of Shelton and closed the fairgrounds. The port has gated the road to the fairgrounds so there is no longer any parking there.

The Northwest Motorcycle Association calender lists the "Shelton Valley Beginner Enduro" (easy) on Saturday May 1st and the "Shelton Valley Enduro" (normal) on Sunday May 2nd. The club is the PSER but no info as to staging area. They have hosted this event for like 20 years and used to do 1 or 2 scrambles a year and maybe a poker run and Duelsport ride in the same area. I would suggest anyone interested in the area or events contact the Puget Sound Enduro Riders club for up to date info.


I live in the area and have just been riding from my back yard onto timber/gravel companies property for the last 15 years. I have talked to a couple employees over the years and they all said it was fine as long you didn't ride in active harvest areas, kill trees, take stuff, etc.

Most everything in the area is private land, and a lot of it is posted no bikes/trespassing. But, there are still a lot of people riding. Lately I have seen people staging in two spots.

Link to map that show the parking spots.

I do not know who owns either property. Just noting my observations. There my be other, better places to park that I do not know about.

where is the spot#2 ? ive never seen that before. kinda bummed about the fairgrounds being closed. was a good spot for my son on his PW. there is a lot of other entrances to the area though. we should see about getting permission from the timber co to ride there.