2010 RM-Z 450 now in Canada

Just went and paid a visit to Hully Gully in London and yup

you guessed it, they had a 2010 RM-Z 450 & RM-Z 250 in stock and on display. I gotta say very sweet.

Yes. Riverside Cycle in Edmonton has a nice 2010 450 sitting right by the entrance a couple of weeks ago.

Good. Now get them here in the U.S.!!!!!

ks423 they are on there way,dealership i my buy my bikes from put in there orders (1/28)

for rmz 2010 models. They are thinking mid FEB.

Put my deposit down if sept. My dealer thinks feb also. It's been a long wait!

They've been out here in B.C. for about two months at least already, including the new RMX450Z, and been in and seen them and they're very nice, fit and finish they're the best looking bikes out right now, and I've seen all the new 2010 bikes, might be quicker for people in the US to just drive up here and pick one up...

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