Getting a 2004 DZ-Rs

Maybe next week if my CSR-1000 sells

The 400 is set up nice. Dont think much has been done to the engine other than what I see. FMF can. Havent talked with the owner about that.

Lots of good farkles on it though.


Gel seat, and all you see. Looks like stock header pipe.

Big asking price? $3600 for 6000 mile 04?

Not too far off KBB retail.

Thoughts guys?

More than I would be willing to pay. Patience is key to get a good deal. A decent deal private party is half way between trade-in and retail on a good shape bike IMO. A great deal is trade in or below. Pretty rough guide. If it's super clean and you have a good feeling it could be worth it to you.

BTW: I have a plated E (less than 1000 miles) for sale for far less but it's in Utah. PM me if your interested.

I could be wrong, but seems a tad high to me. $3k? Talk to me. $2700? Sold.

Yup... it's high.

No one is paying more than book for them... and most of the time they are going for less because there were a bunch of new leftovers.

New 07's were going for $4299.

Oh I'm not locked in.


Will make offer.

IMS tank

Renthal bars

Suz gel seat

Acerbis rear fender & hand guards

FMF slip on

Trick rack.

And good owner.

Fair price with farkles. I could do worse.

NW prices are considerably higher than where you Cats are.

Cars homes, everything.

Thats cuz its the best place to live:smirk:

Found quite a few others in the area.

Stock, modified etc. Price seems right on the mark for what others are asking.

Mainly its the good owner thing.

Guy works in a shop, not his main ride. Lots of oil changes, vintage MX collector.

Found similar bikes with low miles, not nearly the farkles and bigger asking prices.

Then I have to spend for for the same farkles.

Now I just have to do the usual mods, header pipe, 3x3, carb, suspension.

Might just do suspension. We will see what works for Me.

This one is ready to trash now.

Just really needs a skid plate.

It will have a hard life with Me. Was thinking euro bikes but I dont want to deal with race bike issues and up keep.

With a DR-Z I can do the Dual Sport thing.:bonk:

Reliable, heavy (aint they all) just have to back out of it a bit on the trail.

I am 54. Probably shouldnt be bezerking single track like I used too.

Mainly because the recovery from high speed get offs takes MUUUUUCH longer.:ride::lol:

Good looking bike, but get him down as much as possible. $3600 is definitely on the high side.

Looks good how the previous owner was is important for sure. No matter what if it has been treated decently a couple hundred dollars won't effect the smile factor.


Hey you get what you pay for.

This is what I'm selling to buy it.

I'm only asking twice what it sold for.

If the Suzuki is spotless he will get his money.

He just might have to throw in a number of things. He works in a shop.

Gallons of oil filters, skid plate and I'd be happy.

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