Success! 03 cam in 01 w/ YZ timing.))

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my nice lil story here. I have a 2001 wr and the previous owner gave me a brand new OEM 2003 and never WR e-cam. So , after doing all my reading and help from you guys, i discovered the pin was 1 mm too long to achieve YZ timing (which the bike currently had)..I brought the cam to my buddy's shop and he use a Deburring wheel mounted on a typical bench top grinder to remove the 1 mm of material. This worked out very nicely, and the finish on the pin was about that typical to the other finishes on the cam. You need a good, steady hand to achieve this, and take your time, go slowly, constantly taking measurements. Installed the cam with YZ timing, and the bike fired on the second kick, with choke and no throttle/squirts. A very nice upgrade, and thanks for your help on this. The decompression lever is Finally a thing of the past for me!!:ride:

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