uk drz 400s jet & needle setup problems

hi i`ve got a drz 400 s uk bike as thats were i live not as lucky as some people on here, i have a race piston and the full fmf powercore 4 and header pipe but want to no what jet set up i need and what the needle needs to be set at i have the needle in no 3 slot (in the middle) and run a 142.5 main and 22.5 pilot jet but it seems to lag a bit under full trottle (50 mph plus), i have bin told to put a 150 main jet and a 27.5 pilot does this sound right. i also have my pipe bloked off at the carb solinoid to make it more powerful and it does work. any help is a great help


I don't own a DRZ, but a 22.5 seems rather small for a bike that large (400cc), if it's bogging from 0-1/4 throttle it could be too lean.

i woud suggest at least a 155 main , i am running a 160 with 3x3 mod and endcan and it runs a treat

thats sounds about right but what about the pilot jet have you had to change that or is it 22.5 pilot with 160 main

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