switched over to the two stroke..

04 cr250r for $1700.. has less than 30 hours on it



mmmmmmm..... pre mix............

Nice, I love mine.

keep on smoking!

id be even more excited if i could ride it.. tire doesnt hook up too well with snow and the ground frozen

Lower the tire pressure in the front and the rear, you'll probably only be able to put around in 1st/2nd but at least you can go for a ride.

IF your suspension is setup well you should be able to go faster.

Don't let the snow stop you my man!!!!

the snow still doesnt stop me but you cant go as fast or take as many trails, still tryin to get out though

looks dangerous :ride:

Welcome to the awesome side.

I dropped my 450 and went back, still don't know why I even left.

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