My winter project....

Stripped the ole' 250f down to nearly nothing this winter. Cleaned everything, pulled the top for a valve clearance check, spark plug, oil, filters, new renthal front and rear sprocket, added a tooth to 13/50, and primary drive chain. New acerbis plastics and AMR graphics.

Before this winter....


And After...



Looks...different! haha I hope your planning on taking a link or 2 out of that chain!?

ya, havent tightened it yet.

Wow, i like those graphics, and the yz definatly looks good dressed in black!

I think this summer (in cali we take time off in the summer because its still 105 at 9pm where i ride) I am going to get these plastics and graphics, along with black rims, and gold hubs.


That just looks sick

davos who makes those?

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