off-road tire modification

Anyone catch the article in the latest dirtrider, grooving the rear tire? Basically cutting the knobs the long way, to give more feel. Anyone try this, thinking of trying it myself. Says it can extend the life of the tire as well.

Did this too quad tires all the time, more bit, a little more slide, and definatly longer life.... never tried on a bike tho, but i just got it :ride:

i saw this and i am now considering trying it, since its so cold and slippery out. i need all the help i can get out there.

does anyone have a link to the article online? It sounds like you are talking about sipping the tire. Off roaders do it all the time.

i dont have a link, not sure what its called bit cuts the knobs in two. is it good for trail riding, or mostly going over logs and rocks and such

That knobby knife thing would probably work really well.

It's probably just a tire groover, like this.

I haven't tried it on a bike tire but it really helps out on 4wd tires for lateral traction. Cutting the lugs in two gives you more biting edges and lets the tread block to move more.


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