Which KTM???

I currently ride an XR250. I am looking at picking up a new KTM next week. I ride mostly trails, some tight and some open. Also with a little motocross mixed in. Everyone tells me the 300XC is the way to go. I also hear the 200XC is nice as well. If I stick with a four stroke I would probably get the 250 XCF. I am about 200lbs and 5' 10". What bike do you guys think would be best suited for me? Any input helps.

what do you consider a tight trail?

The tighter the trail the more you will want a 200, tight meaning smashing your bark busters and shoulders into trees, it's a great all around motor, but if you ride a lot of open stuff I would look at the 250 and 300, and you can get a magic button on the 250/300

300xcw or exc

The 300 will be a *major* step up in power from the XR250. Are you often wanting more juice? Are you good enough to need that much more? Answer honestly, and try and get a ride on both before you decide.

Love my 200; it's plenty. I'm 185, 5' 10".

The tighter the single track, the more you'll find yourself liking the 200 ease of flickablility, easy power application, light weight. But, the more it opens up, the more you throw in power robbing grades, obstacles on that grade(where you can't get a run at it)the more you'll smile at the day you decided to go for the 250 or 300 XC.

I am very close to your weight/size(without gear)and my 06 300XC gets me around just fine up here in the Pac NW/Cascades. You gotta really be in the wrong gear bad, to hog down that 300. Additionally, you can tune these things from mild to wild with the pwr vlv springs(and now with mapping sw). They are(speaking about my 300 now...)as close to a 4t as you're going to get on a 2t. It's true, it will be a significant jump from an XR250(was it?), but if you're a pretty savvy rider, and exercise decent throttle control, you'll dig the 300. I used to live in TX(Hou area)and don't think a guy probably needs a 300 down there, so a 250XC will probably the ticket for you.(also imo, skip the XCw, the w trans is probably not needed down there in TX-1st is too low)

Now, either the 250 or 300 will get away from you(so will a 200) if you get whiskey throttle and get careless, but they really are sweet power delivering bikes. If the notion of a 300 scares ya too much, go for the 250 XC.

Either-or...you'll love the Katooms.:ride:

Take care.

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