KX125AF KX144AF Build/Ideas

I have an idea to use a 250f frame and use a kx125 engine and suspension. All I have to go off right now are two pics of a KX144AF built in Italy. I can tell from the pics that they used the 125 subframe, rear numberplates, rear fender, and airbox. Does anyone know if they used a 250F seat? Also, does anyone know if i'll have to cut the cradle to accept the larger two smoker exhaust? Any comments are appreciated. :ride:



im sure the subframe was custom built, i dont think a steel frame kx subframe would just bolt right onto a 250f

most 2T AF conversion require making room for the pipe, so yes most likely will have to modify the cradle.

use a ktm 144 engine then that would be sweeeet!

It looks like they really needed to lift the motor in the frame as well. The lower engine mounts look extended for sure...

Does anyone know if they used a 250f frame or 450f frame? I'm guessing a 250f frame.

Does anyone know if they used a 250f frame or 450f frame? I'm guessing a 250f frame.

a 450f frame would kind of defeat the purpose, they use a 250f frame

Have you seen a bike like a KX125AF before? All I figured out this weekend is that they didn't need extra clearence for the pipe since it doesn't wrap around like the KX250AF and KX500AF's pipes. :ride: They even used the 125 swingarm, I know this because the swingarm has plugs in it and the 250f or 450f doesn't. The only question i'm left with now is about the seat. :lol: After I get this all figured out i'll start the build once I get the money. I really want the 250F handling characteristics without the 4-stroke maintence.

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