WHAT next KTM or Husky or Berg??

I'm Looking ahead to end of this year after I get back from my 5-6 month Odyssey to when I might settle down somewhere and go into the backwoods trails and single tracks on extended trips. Right now I ride a big Katoom 990 for long open road and forest roads trips:thumbsup: but soon I will have time and inclination to do more remote backwoods trails and desert/OHV single tracks on a Thumper. I want the ability to do similar trips 4days to 4 weeks that I do on the larger 990 but just have a lighter more offroad worthy mount with a 250 mile off road range to do the TAT or PC trial or So Amer. and back.

I've considered the DR650 and the KLR650:bonk: but a little more power and a little more off road suspension capability is what I'm looking for, so I'm considering a KTM 690 R with extended tanks or possibly the new TE630 Husky:doh: I don't know to much about the TE630 yet since all there is are short manufacturers reviews so far. Or possibly a modified FE570 'Berg;although I'm not sure if there is any extended range tanks for them:banghead:

I'm over here in Thumpertalk figuring this would be the best place to get collective experience with my question instead of the ADV forum:busted:


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ktm's are cool, especially the older ones (03-06 i think) that have the rfs motor, I have a 05 250 beta that has the ktm rfs motor and it's piston has around 260 hours on it and its still runs great :ride:

Hi Tomsi;

Thanks, but I was looking for something a little bigger to carry me and my supplies for extended back country tripping. 250-450 class is probably not going to get it done:ride:


big tanks for the berg are out now, and there's a rumor that there's a fully factory dualsport 570 next year

someone raced dakar with one this year, I think there's a thread about it on ktmtalk's berg forum, or husaberg.org's forum

Hi MrBlah,

Yes, I love the Swede colors. Why wait for 2011 just take an FS570 and relace the wheel hubs with 21" front rims and 18" rear. Everything else is there (I was thinking of doing something similar to the Husky SM630 but the TE630 is so close that it is already done. The main problem for me is the lack of extended range tanks for the 2010 models in either line. That is one of the advantages that the KTM 690R has; there is a 3.7gal extra tank so it will have a total of 26 liters(6.86gals) or fuel. Let's see if someone develops rally tanks for the 2010 model Husabergs http://www.husaberg.com/Husabergs-at-the-Dakar-Rally.23.0.html?nodeID=627&cHash=7978a05606.:ride:

Apparently the Aussies at Safari tanks have developed some ideas that were tried on a 2009 'Berg http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=416713


do we even get the fs570 in the us? I did not think they imported it

Probably not; that would be to easy:bonk:

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