Xr650L tank mounting

Hey I just bought a 1994 Xr650L with no tank or seat, i found a tank for it on cl i was told it was a clarke but it looks like ims to me i was just wondering how the tank mounted to the bike? i cant figure it out.

There are two rubber bushings that go over the bosses on each side of the frame that tank slides down on, with a single M6 bolt and bushing at the rear of the tank. most also have a chunck of foam in a U shape over the frame to help hold the tank.


thanks, I didnt know if there were brackets for it, the tabs on the frame for the metal tank were in the way, so i put the ims on my xr 500

The Clarke has the pockets molded into the tank for the L. If it was for a 600r it may not have them since r's use brackets of the bottom front of the tank instead.

Xr650L tank mounting

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