vertex coated pistons on ebay

:confused:are vertex pistons any good?? I am thinking on getting one for my 96 yz 250.

any feedback on experience with these pistons would be greatly appreciated


They are ok. I have used a few with no issues. They are usually a good value.

I have ran a number of Vertex pistons in my bikes. In my opinion they are a top shelf item. I have one in my 250 right now and will replace it with another when it's time.

if you want a coated piston , buy a wiseco prolite. MaxPower will coat any piston for 50$

the seam fine i have ran them so far so good i am currently running a wisco but when i need a new one if the wisco isn't on sale i would buy one

I'm a Wiseco guy for life. I don't "try" internal engine parts out.

i think you posted this in the wrong fourm? you have a yz which is yamaha but in the suzuki section :ride:

vertex are good pistons. they come stock in ktm.

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