Front number plate.

wondering if i could put a 2008 front number plate on my 2006. i know thats the year they came out with the steering dampener.

I put one on my 06, only thing I needed to do was put 08 triple clamps on it too. It turned much better with the 22mm offset clamps.

To answer your question, no, 08 front number plate will not bolt up to the 06 stock clamps.

yeah you can but you would have to zip tie it to your clamps.

did you zip tie your on?


Duct tape would work too!

Can you say "Rinky Dink"

i asked the same question i was told the only way was with zip ties.

not sure if i should zip tie?

ordered a 2008 front number plate this morning, it was 24.00$ ill get back to you guys on how it worked out

just get a cycra stadium front plate

too late...............

I did the same thing.

Only pic ive got right now but 08 number plate on 06 zip tied. you can hardly see the zip ties.


where'd you put the zip ties?

I didn't like the 22mm offset clamps on my '08 450 so I put a set of '07 (24mm) clamps on it (much better). I wanted to run my '08 numberplate so I drilled and tapped the bottom clamp and was going to use lower fork guard collared allen bolts. Problem is, I snapped the tap off on the second hole. :ride:

Was thinking about making a bracket from fairly thin steel for the top but, of course, didn't get that far. Fortunately, I had planned on getting Applied clamps if I liked the new offset.

my number plates supposed to come in today:ride:

sorry for the late reply. here is his on the backside. the reason i did the 08 09 number plate was because i put the damper on.


yes i believe i was going to buy your dampener, but becasue of the price of shipping i didnt. im just putting the 08 on because of looks

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