help to change xr250 rf countershaft seal

xr250rf (1985 model)

ok theres a bit of an issue with it leaking oil. Can I change it without splitting the crankcases (I dont want to do that again).

Here is the current one:


Now the new seal has some fairly hard rubber shoulders on it:



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Use a seal puller or a small pick to get it out. just be careful that you dont damage anything behind it or where it sits in the case. Then drive it in with a deep socket thats has the outter diameter or so of the seal.

You are supposed to split the cases to fit that seal, those tabs go on the inside of the case to retain it.

However if you are prepared to take a risk supposedly you can drill some tiny holes in the old seal, screw in some self tapping screws and pull the old seal out with pliers using carefully directed brute force to overcome the tabs. Then trim the tabs off the new seal and tidy up the edges with a file and abrasive paper. Clean up the case where it mates the seal with solvent, put some loctite on the outer diameter of the seal and some grease on the inner, carefully work it into place and drive it home with a big socket or piece of pipe cut to fit. Then immediately sell the bike :ride:

thanks guys looks like a bit of surgery required, hope it doesnt result in a fatality !

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