what do you think about quicksilver carbs?

hi, first im new here and new to enduros. I just purchased a 1996 ktm rxc 400...needs tlc but it will be nice with some elbo grease.My question is this. browsing online there are people saying that the quicksilver carbs are not good and i need to upgrade to a different carb? true or if mine works than ignore this? and to all the gear heads what should i look for with this bike...anything break on these or should i check or change anything?. Im an automotive technician but i just want the inside scoop from guys who know! Any good sites for parts would be great too...i found ktmword online for the oem stuff..any upgrades i should be making?...thanks to all who reply in advance! this site is great so far.:ride:

well if your bike's carburator is not equipped with an accelerator pump the quicksilver would be an improvement. the keihin fcr 41 was used on all the 450s before the switch to fuel injection. it may be a better carb than the quicksilver. in anycase it will make the bike much more responsive.

i just purchased a fcr 39...got a good deal. well see how it works .. ill post results

i think ur gonna love it. my friend put one on his klx 300 which came with a shitty constant velocity carb. night and day.

cool...make me happy to think its a good choice. would hate myself if i spent lots of cash on a carb that wasnt very good.

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