05 KTM 125sx rebuild

Hey guys I just finished putting my bike back together after drowning it in a creek (I put a new cometic gasket kit and oem piston ring in, everything else was in perfect condition) and it won't start. It has spark, I cleaned the carb, has good compression (although I have no way to check the amount of compression). I kicked it a bunch and when I lean the bike over to fill up the bowl then kick, it fires for just a second and thats it. I'm thinking this might be a carb problem but I was wondering what you guys thought. The airbox is off, the exhaust is on.

Is the plug wet or totally dry, Is it carboned up(fouled?) easy things to check.

brand new...its wet but I really don't think the cylinder is getting premix

well, I would start with fuel flow from the tank to the carb, then NEW spark plug, and unscrew the spark plug end cap and screw it back on, is air inlet blocked like a rag in the air box, then clean carb jets, then reeds. Is piston in the right way?

fuel flow from the tank seems good. I sprayed carb cleaner in the inlet of the carb and it sprayed out the other end properly.I will check the spark plug. the airbox isn't on and there isn't anything blocking it. I sprayed the crap out of the jets but that doesn't mean they aren't blocked....I will take it all the way down tmrw. How do I check the reeds? and I never took the piston out, just put a new ring on it and it moves nicely in the cylinder.

well I think its getting fuel because I cleaned off the reeds (they had mud and frozen water on them) Im pretty sure the carb is working good. There is black premix dripping from around the exhaust port so that would indicate its getting enough fuel. But it still won't run. Itll fire after I let it sit for a bit then die just as quick. Is it possible to set the jug on and not line the powervalve up correctly (the little lever that sticks out of the bottom end should mate up with the fork thing from the powervalve right?). The jug wont go on if those aren't lined up right. So thats where I'm at...:ride:

I think it will still go on if its not lined up. Did you ever try a fresh spark plug, you can even get a 2dollar Autolite equivlent from advance ato

yes it will go on. Look up the page for another thread right now about a 200 not running right and look thru it for things to check.

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