XL600R airbox help!!

I removed the swingarm on my '83 XL600R to do assorted maintenance items and generally clean it up. Had a heck of a time getting the airbox removed. Now, for the life of me, I can't get the dang thing back in. Obviously, the box is wider than the frame rails (I removed it towards the rear with great difficulty). How do I go about reinserting it in the frame? Thought it might squeeze in through the left side, but no. Rear I can't seem to figure out how to make it 'narrow' enough (there are several hard plastic protruberances on the right hand side of the box) to get in, either??

I'm stumped. Too much forcing will break the hard plastic parts!!:ride:

I don't have anything to help but I have wondered the same thing about the airbox on my 86. It almost looks like they built the bike around it.

Good luck.. And I hope I never need to pull mine.

I'm being told to put it in through the left side of the frame. I have my doubts, but fixing to give it a try!

What confounds me is that it 'popped' out thru the rear of the frame, but it definitely isn't going back in that way.

I think Honda was in to Rubiks cubes back then. The carbs on my 83 Goldwing are like that. You have to hold them at just the right angle, cross your fingers and toes, and when you find the exact little spot they will come right out, or go right in. You would swear they were installed before the frame was welded together. But if you get them in just the right spot.. They drop right in.

Hope ya get it...

From the left side, snorkel first, rotated slightly upward, the top right of the box contacts the top rail, the bottom left of the box smacks about 1/2 inch onto the down spar. Its nowhere near going in.....dammit!! Oh yeah, the bottom fin (mud deflector?) snapped off hours ago.

Finally got it done, but had to do some reverse-engineering. Removed thes shock, including the lower linkage. Got the airbox into place, then reisnerted teh shock up through the opening. Left it disconnected, then attached the airbox to mounting points and carbs. Then went back and mounted the shock..put the lower shock bolt in first (otherwise you won't have enough clearance to put the bolt through), then the big lower swingarm/linkage bolt, then the upper shock bolt and finall the front doglet bolt. Whew!! But its done. Now just buttoning everything up....Having said that, it was NOT going in from the left side without the shock being removed.

Haha! Sounds almost like you were playing a game of Twister.. Glad you got it....

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