First Race- Huntington Arenacross

Ive been reading the forums for a while. and even made a couple posts here and there. but its time i start asking for some specific advice.

Little about me:

Im 18, and my first race is coming up Feb. 13th. Its a very tight arenacross track. I ride an 01 CR 250. yeah. im a smoker.

anyways. ive been riding since Ive been about 9 years old. rode trails. have plenty of bike control and etc, but my track skills arent where they need to be.

Ive recently build a very small track to practice. yesterday i started making some whoops to try, but due to weather, still not finished. Ive also got about a 20-25 foot tabletop.

My main worry, is jumping. other than random rocks and ledges while trailriding, i havent really doubled anything. Ive hit step ups and stuff, but nothing tight like arenax.

if weather permits, Im going to make a small double on my practice track. a put in as many laps as possible.

whats your guys opinion? I'll take all the advice you can give me.

Sounds like you got the skills. How long you been on that bike, how well do you know it?

ive been riding this bike since around 02-03 in that area. i didnt ride a whole lot back in those days, but since around 06 ive been on it hard.

also, im thinking of entering the 2 stroke class. but theres also a 450 C class. which would be better? i think the 2 stroke class is open to pros and all, but the 450 class would have more power.

oh, and i doubt im gonna try the finish line jump, but other than that, the track layout doesnt seem so bad.

all other advice is appreciated. thanks guys.

My son and I went to an AX in Denver, CO a few years back and we were not prepared for it. The whoops aren't a deal breaker you can still place well without mastering whoops. The thing that jacked us up were the jump faces... they are steep. Steeper than MX type jumps. The catapult at the finish was 50-60ft. and that was no big deal, but the angle intimidated us both. It was fun... the main thing is confidence in yourself and your bike. If you know that bike, you'll be good.

I'd recommend staying away from open classes, if this is your first race. Go with a 'C' class.

yeah. but id say the biggest jump ive hit was about a 35ft step up for a dirt jump to a hillside. so i dont have the skills to hit the catapult.

regardless, i plan on having fun with it. first race and all, cant get too freaked out by it. but i am a little nervous as of now.

Confidence... you'll get some practice time on the track and a heat race. Stay calm, ride and practice till then.

...and show up early. We were one of the first to pit and a Toyota rep was giving away free entries, haha!

If you don't end up hitting any of the obstacles, then stay out of the main lines so you don't get landed on and just work on them as you feel comfortable. If you have to roll them a few times to build your self up and learn what you need to do, then so be it. The main thing is getting your confidence up. Spend your practice time doing that. Follow the guys hitting them to match your speed and body position and let them tow you over.

thanks for the help and advice so far. ill keep all this in mind.

just ordered a set of backgrounds and boots for the race too.

alpinestars and rdr backgrounds if you guys are curious lol.

if you just bought the boots either dont wear them to the race or work on breaking them in?

if you just bought the boots either dont wear them to the race or work on breaking them in?

yea dont expect to race with boots for the first time you ride with them good luck need to break those things in

yeah i plan on trying to break them in the next couple of weeks before the race on my practice track.. i should have enough time by then.

Hey I will be at the Huntington (Big Sandy) but as a spectator. I have an 2003 cr250 but with almost zero seat time since I got it so I won't be racing. I am still doing some work to it. I will be looking for you. You know I will pulling for the Honda 2 strokes! I don't think you will have much luck with your track since we got the snow Friday night. I have no tracks to ride on here but look forward to watching the race.

ah very nice. thanks for the support. look for the black # 17.

good to hear theres another 2smoker out close by.

and yeah, the snow is killing my practice time.

hopefully it dries enough to get in a few more laps...

I want to try an arenacross next winter. I don't have the skills right now, but I'm hoping if I work at it over the summer i'll be ready for an ax race next winter. I want to enter the beginner's D class. (since i've been riding for only a few years)

there isnt a D class at the arenacross race Im entering, so im just going to race the C.

Definately ride around with the new boots to break them in and get used to them ( My new ones made shifting feel different from my onld worn out ones) Arenacross looks really fun I hope to find one around my area someday. Hopefully the weather dries up for you to maybe build lipped jumps/doubles like that of ax tracks have... they will definately throw you in the air a lot different than mx/rolling doubles or tables. Seat bouncing is a great tool for coming out of a tight turn to a big double. Best of luck and get back to us with your results/photos, 1st and foremost have fun!

update: just got my alpinestars in. haven't rode in them yet, but ive walked around my house for like the past hour in them. they're really comfortable to be brand new boots.

also got in my custom number plate graphics. look nice, cant wait to put them on. Ill post pics of the bike after i get all my graphics on.

i did my first arenacross last weekend here in denver colorado i raced beginner 250f and was the same way never hit a double just step ups got out there and they gave us 3 practice laps to learn the track still didnt hit em but on my second lap into my heat i hit one then it came easy just listen to see what gear other people are hitting them in and itll come to you once you in race mode youll try anything but it was a blast and loved it ill be traveling to new mexico and texas to do there AX

well Im finally finished with my weekend. the racing was great. I loved everything about it.

did great my first night. no crashed, and didnt finish last. track was a bit rougher than i thought, due to the rhythm section being more of rollers than doubles. oh well, did the best I could. finished 8th of 11 the first day. and 9th the second.

wrecked pretty hard in the second day of practiced over the finishline jump. C class isnt allowed to triple, so I was doubling it, but had too much speed. after i cased i flipped off. then got landed on and ran over by another rider. he got my arm pretty good.

but Im still healthy, dont think Ive broken anything, and had a blast. I'll have pics posted tomorrow. thanks for the advice guys.

Congratz! Good to hear you enjoyed it and hopefully the arm is okay. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

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