xr-200 shock fit a crf-230?

I have one here and i beleive they are about 3" shorter than the 150f shock.you could have it rebuilt with a new longer shaft.Not sure what a local to you shop would charge but I can get shafts for about $70 and charge $50 for the rebuild.If you can get it cheap enough it might be worth it.I would count on a rebuild at the minimum for any shock bought unseen.

I am running an xr200 spring on a cr 80 shock,I turned a spacer for the spring and mounted it up.I haven't run it on the track yet due to the white stuff on the ground.

good luck


don't run an xr200 or a xr250 shock. Just trust me on that one. If you need a reason, just remember those are old school shocks. You already have that. If you want to upgrade, those shocks wouldn't be the right direction.

ok, thanks

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