TTR 225 carb/fuel switch problem

2004 TTR 225...Just bought it and it has been it storage for 5 years, basically a brand new bike.

When I run the bike gas pours out of the hose which is connected to the bottom of the carb. I turn the petcock switch to "off" and the fuel eventually stops pouring out the hose. I disconnected the fuel line from the carb and opened the valve, gas pours out of it. Is there too much fuel getting to the carb?

its either your over flow tube problery due to a stuck float or needle, or the previous owner has loosend the bowl drain screw, if you can see a screw on the bottom of the bowl and it has a tube or nipple under it try tightning it if that doesnt work undo the intake clamps and turn the carb over and undo the float bowl screws and take the bowl off and inspect the float and needle

I'm thinking that because the bike sat so long without running that fuel got stickey or built up inside the carb. Would it be worth my while to change the fuel and add a cleaner or other similar fuel additive and see if that cleans out the carb?

yes defintly change the fuel, just make sure the jets are spotless aswell as the throttle opening itself

sounds like needle valve. that is the valve that the float pushes up. if it gets gummed up the tiny spring will not move it nor will the float. pull the carb andlet it sit in some cleaner over night. probably worth a few bucks for a rebuild kit. Change the stock jets while you are at it, (refer the the sticky post)

PS make sure to change the oil, itis no good after 5 years. Lube all cables and chain

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