Prepping My Bike for My First Race

I made a thread over in the MX racing section about tips for racing.

I figure why not ask for bike tips while I'm posting.

I have an 01 CR 250. Great bike. Rode it for quite a few years now.

Right now, Im thinking I'll check the compression and see if i need to replace the piston. also doing the basic stuff. new sprockets. change oil. etc.

anything else I should do to make it ready to race?

thanks in advance for the help.

Hmm..Besides general maintenance, checking all the bolts, yada yada yada.. Service your suspension if you haven't already, and make play around with the clickers until it works really well for you. Other than that I think you have most of it covered.

ok on the suspension part, would i be looking for any specific to help in arenacross style racing? like do i want to change my rebound or anything?

Check your tire pressure, sag, clean air filter, all the stuff mentioned above.

so. new question. what should my compression be at. i checked it a few mins ago and it was 110.

That is pretty low. Should be closer to 180 I think.

well i have a piston and rings spare, but no top end gasket. so i plan on venturing to the 3 nearest honda shops tomorrow praying they have one. then get it changed and broken in before my race friday. i like to cut things down to the last second haha.

I no it's bad but i have reused the head gasket on all of my 2 smokers and 4 strokes from time to time with NO problems.

I have before to, but if your going to spend the money on rebuilding a cylinder you might as well use a new gasket.

just in case... did you hold the throttle open when you checked the compression? This would give you a low reading... 110 would be a difficult motor to start i believe.. just my 2cents!

no it was WOT. and it starts fine. but i got my gaskets today. had to drive over an hour for it.

ill take some pics when i finally get it all done.

pack silencer tight, fresh grips

fine tune your jetting, tire pressure, clickers, and gearing during practice sessions to match track conditions

set of new race-grade tires matched to soil type (bridgestone, dunlop, pireli, michelin)

clutch cable: lube or replace

fresh brake pads, replace fluid

how many hours since shock oil was changed? oil starts to degrade after 30 -50hrs . Fork oil contaminates in 20hrs

grease linkage

what kind of compression gauge? is it the threaded into plug hole or tapered rubber cone? cone style is often leaky

ok to reuse head gasket, if it's undamaged. spray some hi-temp copper based gasket sealer both sides

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well ive already changed out the top end, and cleaned out most of the motor. got alot of the carbon buildup out of there.

changing the packing and grips today. and good idea about the tire pressure. i dont have the time or money for new tires this race, so ill have to do with what i have.

and yeah my shocks need an oil change, but itll have to wait too. race is tomorrow morning.

graphics are coming in today, so if i can, ill post a final pic of the bike before i go racing.

thanks for the help guys.

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