Magura Hyd. Clutch

Have they made a model for the 2010 250R? If so, is it worth the money, and what type of difficultyare we talking about to install? Alot of people on Motosport praise it.....but you know how reviews are sometimes. Thanks!

Does it help with feel and easier to pull as well?

I loved the one I had on mine and will never have a cable clutch again. It's not much easier but is a lot smoother and you don't get clutch fade. I think it helps the clutch basket last longer because the clutch doesn't snap back like a cable.

They are simple to install. All you do is hook it up. Now that the cable comes in from the opposite side like the 250X I bet one for that would work.

that was something i was wondering as well? Is there a model already made to fit my bike or should I wait for a exact replacement. Also, do you have to remove the banjo bolt to thread it throught the frame holders and stuff? I used to hate bleeding my mountain bike brakes..... PITA...

No. No need to take anything apart. I just took the rad bolts out, slid the hose behind it and put the bolts back in. The slave cylinder is small enough to route through everywhere else.

You could contact Magura through e-mail and ask if the one for the X would work. The customer service is pretty good.

BTW- I agree, bleeding mountain bike brakes is a PITA.

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