Deep Snow

I don't use studs (from what Iv'e read they only help on ice anyways) but I ride in some snow up here espesially this time of year. Nothing really over 1' deep if I can help it, but are there any good techniques out there? If going straight, I try to keep my ass over the rear fender as much as possible and kinda "float" the bike through it, keeping the throttle WFO. I have some trouble where there is packed snow, with a bit of had pack undernieth. Anything more than a slight crack of the throttle sends the ass end dancing all over the place, leading to instability, and some more than embarrasing low-speed wipeouts. Are there any good ideas on that? Obviously, (as I've learned the hard way) a gentle right hand helps, as does riding a gear higher. Where should my body be positioned? If I move my weight forward to keep control when turning, the back wheel spins to high heave, but if I shift back, the front washes out VERY easily.

Any other general pointers for riding in snow? Any bike setup tips? I loosened the clickers 1 click front and back, and the bike is jetted properly for the colder temps already.

Thanks! :ride:

run 1 gear higher and dont fight ur hadle bars, just kinda glide through it if its realy deep, and be real smooth.

stay sitting as much as u can in the snow on the middle of the bike....ull learn to stand when u get better.

I've only ridden in the snow once. But I didn't bail, and kept up with quads.

Basically from what instinct told me, easy on the gas, easy on the brakes, easy on the steering. Stood up alot, balanced over the bike.

It was more of a survival thing than having fun. Just making sure I didn't eat shyt.

get some studs dude. you can make a tire like this for under $40.


stay sitting as much as u can in the snow on the middle of the bike....ull learn to stand when u get better.

I find standing in the snow alot easier actually. Lets the bike "float" under me...

The word "snow" covers so many condition. The Inuit have 20 words for it.

I'm in So Cal and I have to seek out snow. It tends to be rather non compacted. I sink in and that is my limitation. Once you are plowing through at axle height forward progress is more or less impossible. I'm not sure how studs would help. It seems like it would just make the digging in worse.

Now hard compacted snow and ice are completely different. Bring on the studed tires. If you are made of money those Trellobergs look great. There have been a few threads on TT where guys used carriage bolts for studs. I don't think you can beat that for max traction.


studs work, gotta dig the last pick it takes scews to a whole new meaning.

Ride standing letting the bike float is the best advice. I find it almost impossible to ride on the seat in deep snow.

i usually try and weight the front wheel. if the front wheel slips your screwed so i normally put my weight forward and just let my back end slide around, drifting around is half the fun of riding in snow. if your not sliding your just wasting your time freesing your a$$ off :ride:



you can find some professionally studed tires here


A set of good studed tires will last you several years if you use them on snow and ice only and do not take trips on higways.

Ride like it's a trials section. Stand, stay loose, and be prepared to move your weight where it's needed. Traction? Move your ass back, and be prepared to steer with weight shifts to one side or the other. The bike will move around under you, so just move your weight where it needs to be to stay over the bike, left, right, forward, back. Short practice rides will teach you a lot more than long, punishing rides. Some snow can't be ridden, and studs may be necessary on ice or crust.

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