How in the Hell... I get my grubby mitts on some Kibblewhite valve guides?

Every place I try is either dealer direct only, or cant cross reference part numbers for items they dont regularly carry. I've gone through KPMI's distributor list, local dealers, online retailers, and came up with jack ****. I'm going to call Web Cams or Powroll on Monday. If I dont get an order in by then I wont know what to do.

If you know how to get less-than-popular Kibblewhite parts then post up. If you think you know or want to play the guessing game then please don't bother.

any parts unlimited dealer can get them.... bring your wallet

Any place in particular? Most of the dealers I have tried do go through Parts Unlimited, but cant order the parts because the Kibblewhite part numbers arent in the system.

why do you need KW valve guides? if the KW valves are the standard size valve stem, shouldnt OEM or aftermarket work?

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