250/125 parts compatibility.

OK, what fits from the cr125 onto the cr250 and vise versa? are the radiators the same? does anybody know whats all different from the 250's main frame compared to the 125? suspension is just valved differently?

what year?

frames are different, subframe and plastic for the same year interchange.

suspension does not. later model years the CR250s use showa, the CR125s use Kayaba

sorry, this is for the 02 and newer cr's. i was a little wound up when i posted that :ride: any info!?!? thanks guys!

same info I gave you there applys.

Any specific parts you are after???? just cut to the chase and list what you are wondering about.

i did cut to the chase....in the first post. i asked, whats all DIFFERENT from the 125 frame compared to the 250? you just said they were different, duh. then, i asked about if the rads will swap over......no answer.



use the parts microfishe and hit the "where used" button

Use your dipstick

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