Zip Ty fuel screw wiggles?

I just bought a Zip Ty fuel screw for my 98 WR400. Keihin 39 Flat CR. It is definitely the correct one. I put on the spring, washer, then O-ring. Slid it in, screwed it tight, then backed it out 1-1/2 turns. It feels like it is loose and wiggles a bit. The screw head has numbers 1 2 3 4 around it. When it was closed I was looking at 3, so I twisted it all the way around until I saw the 3 again, then around again until I saw the 1. That would be 1-1/2 turns, but the screw feels like it would work itself out if I rode the bike around. Am I somehow doing this simple task incorrectly, or is this normal???

Most allow screws are poorly made. It seems your may be worse that the average. Brass or stainless tend to be much better.

Toss it!!! The quality of their threads is appalling and can trash your carb body

***??? I just paid $25.00 for this screw, and it's junk? Great, I already threw away the packaging. Have I mentioned that I'm growing tired of working on this stupid carburetor? It's like dealing with a damn woman, super-hyper sensitive and touchy, and almost always the source of problems with things not running right.

I still have the factory screw. Can I use the o-ring and spring from the Zip-Ty screw? I can't find the original ones.

Yes that would be fine. As far as I have observed other Zip Ty products have been fine, this screw is as you described most screws to be

It will wiggle out b/c mine did. On the third one I drilled A hole through the knob and safety wired it to a bracket on carb that hold(guides) the idle adjustment

You can add another little washer to get some more tension on the spring. I always had a problem with those screws on my yamahas. If there is any doubt about it staying in, safety wire or toss it. When they fall out the bike wont run below 1/4 throttle and you wont be able to start it. You also lose the washer and oring. Ruins the day.

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