How to remove captured Dzus locks?

Hey there folks - I've tinkered with this a little bit, and don't see a "right" way to remove the little spring clips that hold the Dzus-type quarter-turn fasteners which hold the airbox cover in place.

I have new plastics and need to move the Dzus fasteners over. How do I get them out of the old plastics without destroying the spring clip?

They are a spring steel one time install retainer. Remove them with a pair of pliers of side cutters.

I've used the spring steel part of a push on axle nut.

Tru-Value / Ace Hardware usually has clips like those in their "wall of drawers". Like bronco says, just cut off the old ones. Push on the new ones with an appropriately sized nut driver.

OK, thanks! It's sort of comforting to know that I'm not a complete idiot. :ride:

Rip the retainer off with a small pair of vise grips. Straighten the deformed metal and use them again. Should take 5-10 minutes even if you are a goof like me.

I replaced mine with o rings.

I was able to reuse mine w no problems after straightening a couple of the tabs that got deformed during removal

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