Bad Fork Bushings?

Iam kind of new to this scene so please excuse my negligence....

i recently changed my front springs (BBR HD) and bushings (stock replacement) as well as the fork collars (stock replacement) on my 04crf50 once i had everything back together they seemed to be working great, nice and stiff with no play what so ever.

Now, (only 5 months later) they have more play than ever, i took them apart just to make sure the problem was not caused by foreign material scraping the nylon away. it was also still packed with fresh grease (some of it was still red).

Iam afraid if i just go out and get new bushings the same process is going to happen over and over again.

Can someone tell me what i need to do/did wrong?...thanks in advance

You said you swapped with stock replacement bushings that's why ... You need to run some delrin bushings like these.

NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO BUY THESE OR THESE ARE THE BEST JUST SHOWING YOU WHAT YOU WANNA RUN . Like a 100 times better than stock and don't compare. These make the front

end feel solid.

Another question are you running chromoly fork legs??? While doing bushings do the legs also . You can get complete kits like this with everything in one Extender Kit

Thanks for the link but it seemed that the original stock bushings did pretty good for me (for now) i figured since iam changing from stock to stock i would get the same performance as the ones that came with the bike but thats not the case...

is honda just making cheap replacement parts?

if thats the case im going to order the red baron forks but ONLY if need be.....

keep in mind im in canada eh, so parts dont come so easy but RB seems to deal through parts canada so it looks like i am in luck in this case

okay, i ordered the new delrin bushings, should have them next week \m/,

It's not that Honda is making cheap parts its that they make it for 5-8 yr old kids under 80 lbs those stock fork legs will eventually bend also they are thin metal that's why I suggested the chromoly legs. Here's a site in Canada I know of not sure about any other sites

thanks alot but i already ordered the bushings through parts canada. as for the forks themselves, ill be waiting til next fall as i am a cheap bastard and would like to upgrade to 88ccs with 4 sped tranny first

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