hitting table tops right

I have been riding for about 6-months. I practiced a 70ft table top today and it seemed like everytime I hit it something different happened. I have a 4-stroke and was told you have to throttle thru the jump. A couple of times I hit it for around 30ft. and then sometimes I would go around 10ft and the nose would come down. A few times it felt like my body was coming up away from the bike, I guess thats why you grab the tank with your knee. Any pointers would be appreciated.



in the air:

Gasing will drop the rear

pulling clutch and hit the rear brake will drop the front end.

Takeoff is key. Practice small and work you way up. Generally roll on throttle, nothing abrupt as you come to the lip of the jump. Pick a gear, 3rd or 4th and hit the jump 20-30times.

Keep the balls of your feet on the pegs, keep your elbows up, grip the bike with your knees, keep your head over the bars and keep the throttle steady. As you get more comfortable start increasing your take off speed until your landing on the down side of the jump. Use the throttle to soften the landing by being "on the gas" when you land. I land from jumps with my finger on the clutch and the throttle on. I use the clutch to keep the rear wheel from spinning to hard when I land with the throttle on. Good luck and practice, practice, and more practice!!

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