Winter Project '01 CR2fiddy

Tuesday Jan 26th i was bored and started to wash my bike, manualy. then started takin parts off for cleanin, then after about 3 hours there were no more parts to take off and wash. so now its officially a rebuild. strepped motor, swingarm, various parts. ALL manually, no machines, sandblasters of any tools... yet to touch frame, or polish any parts intr morlty just strippin and a lil sandin so far







good luck with it. and did your swingarm have a coating of some sort on it before you started sanding away? i have a 01 twofiddy myself, and a few years ago i went to polishing everything. which involved me sanding off a tough clear coat of sorts on my swingarm before the polish would do its magic. took a while to get it all off there.

just curious if someone did this before me, or it was factory.

On the swingarm it had a powdercoated black, but no special coating or no clear coat...

My 01' looks the same, just drove out the swing arm bearings what a nightmare they hadn't been greased sense 01'.. Good luck on the build.

My 01' looks the same, just drove out the swing arm bearings what a nightmare they hadn't been greased sense 01'.. Good luck on the build.

HOLY SHIT buddy! I Know what a game, at first i bashed in with a i believe it wa 19mm socket and extension, no go, so i started usin my brain a lil from what i learn in auto serive & repair at college. 19mm on outside of the bearing, 1-1/4 socket on the inside NOT touchin the bearing but layin on the aluminum shoulder or whatever its called. and then just screwin in the vice... easy as pie... incredible:thumbsup:

here's today, about 3 hours on rear shock disassembly, cleaning, stripping. ALL BY HAND again no machines used, no sander, no sandblasts, no wire wheel.. i take great pride in hands on hard work on my bike... i dont let other pople work on it.. lol







comment welcomed...

are you gonna repaint the spring? they're steel and will probably look kinda lousy once it starts rusting

Yes i most definitly will paint the spring, the purpose of strippin was to repaint everyhint got new and something different, i will be matchin the front & rear caliper and the rear sus spring all the same colour, thinkin of a nice like cherry dark red, something that stands out but not tooo bright... thanks

good old PB Blaster! smells like shit,works like crazy! lmao. looking good.

make sure to post some pics of the cherry red pieces. love to see how it turns out. might even do it to mine.

keep the pics comin! cant wait to see what it looks like after lol :ride:

Keen eye Boneyard! Thanks peeps keep em comin , keeps me motivated wanting me to do more... PB, Tim Hortons, Gatorade and Redbull keeps me going in there! no time tonight to work on it lots of college homework and busy but ill get back to her soon... some people been tellin me to get rid of it and save my money, put my money in a better place while i'm in college, Screw the money i can dig a whole and get out once im outta college and makin money..

wow, i've been superly busy with college, work and at home, but i got more done here the latest... finaly got my parts in for swingarm. hopefully will have it, the frame, and the engine all done and together...





I do love little packages with Honda emblems on them...:ride:

how do you polish the swingarm and frame?

i just stripped the paint off with gel, wire brushed it, i did it this way, might be better ay but... I sanded rough stuff with 220 then 350 all in same direction i went in legnth direction. then add buff compound and buff to satisfaction it on bench grinder, its the only powertool i really used to far... oh and yeah JRS turn, me too. Support your local shop, they dont get so much of a payout on aftermarket

Like i said, no blaster or real power tools, just got bench grinder with buff wheel for finish.. stripping frame completly i just decided and started tonight




Lookin' good man! :ride:

looks good. how long does the polish look good for before you have to re buff?

I love these rebuild threads!

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