Its complete with photos even

Well I burned the midnight oil last night but I got is all together. Double checked everything to make sure it was either tightend, torqued, or service with the appropriate fluids. Mixed up some fresh premix when I got home from work this evening poured it into the tank turned on the petcock valve and waited a couple of minutes. Dropped it off the stand and stradled it pulled the choke and kicked it and kicked and kicked and kicked. Like 6 times I kicked it. I know its got fuel, in it turned the fuel on. Check the spark plug.:lol::ride: Forgot to put the plug cap on. Kicked it one more time and she roared to life. Sat in the drive way for a min or so popping the throttle. Pulled in the clutch put in gear and gently down the street I went.

Now for those that know the story about my bike before my cylinder replating this is an up date. Carb now has #45 pilot 360 main 1 full turn on the air screw. On the maiden trip down the street I just breathed on the throttle and only got a little blubbering. Marked improvement since before the cylinder replating because just to get it to run ok on a fresh top end I was running a 280 main. I wont bore you guys with the rest of my long winded story but based off of a two min ride down the street Im going to have to learn about power managment. I recall some body saying and I quote I just love a fresh top end (and cylinder in this case too) and new tires. The front end rises effortlessly in 1st 2nd and 3rd. BRRRAAAPPP.

Here she is.

This is her bad side. Its the one I plan on showing my younger brother alot.


Not to bad looking for an 18 year old dirt bike.





Well I took her out this morning and broke her in. She ran kinda rich but still had plenty of giddy up. Rode around for about an hour off and on during the break in. Then back to the truck to break out the tools and jets. Bike had #45 pilot #350 main, Jet needle clip in the middle, air screw 1 full turn out. Bike now has #40 pilot #330 main, jet needle clip still in the middle, air screw 1 1/2 turns out. Havent really gotten on it too hard yet but I can tell that the front end wants to come off the ground. I figure when it gets to be late spring early summer I will start messing with the jet needle clip before I drop a jet to lean it again for the summer.

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Up date

Woot! Clean up the gargle and go show your brother the rear fender!


good effort pyramid

Woot! :ride:

Does it still have the factory pipe?

Woot! :ride:

Does it still have the factory pipe?

Unfortunately no factory pipe or silencer. But I do have a couple of FMF silencers and one FMF head pipe. Other than the exhaust set up the bike is more or less in stock condition.

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