question for eddie.

i have a 1997 cr250r,with fmf nargly pipe,V force3 reeds,and a reed question is this:do i need to rejet for the spacer. right now the bike is set at the fmf recomendations of 172 main jet,55 piolet jet,stock needle set on the 2 clip,1.50 turns out on the air fuel screw. the guy i got it from,had 2 wire tyes holding the choke open. when i asked him what the what is this here for,his reply was it run better with it open do to the reed spacer..? kind of confused me? rode it today for the first time since i got it,and put new plug in,and did a plug check after 3-4 wot runs and a throttle chop,i did not like the color. the porcoline(white part of was really new looking.was looking for a nice carmel color. i am also running 93 octane,with maximum castrol 927,mix at 40:1. any help will be great.:ride:

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hello... anyone there?

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you are still riding it with the choke open?

rode it once. for about 20min. i took the carb off,cleaned it,took the main jet out,it was a 172,so i took it up to a 175. just wanted to know what your thoughts were about the spacer? should i,or do i re jet for the reed spacer? i am not going to run this bike with the choke on. the PO had it this way.

you are still riding it with the choke open?

i repeat... no i am not going to run it this way! i wanted your help,so i can find out what is up with the spacer.and why on earth the Prior Owner had it this way. the PO siad he ran it that way,because it ran better with the choke open with the spacer. my thought was,if it ran better with the choke open...then it needs more fuel.(richened up some)sounded like a jetting issue. am i right or wrong? i really need your help on this not a pro like you!:ride: thanks so much for your help Eddie.

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i would be looking for air leaks,plugged carb passages etc.

the spacer wont cause it to need the choke to run correctly. air leak. now to clean&rebuild my carb.

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