14 tooth to 15 tooth = clearance issues???

I have a plated 00 E. I have been running my stock 14 tooth counter sprocket, for dirt along with SM. Problem is on the street, I'm revved out pretty high. 60 MPH is about 6300 revs. I thought since I needed to replace the sprocket anyway, I'd try a 15. I know it's hard to see, but it's damn near rubbing towards the back, and I if I put the cover over the sprocket, it rubs and binds.

Am I missing something? I thought most people put up to 16's up front with no issues at all.




What part is almost rubbing and what part is binding exactly? Did you put the spocket on correctly? It can go on backwards. When looking from the top down the teeth should line up with the rib on the chain slider where the chain leaves the swing arm. Also can you fit the case gaurd on with this sprocket? What brand sprocket is it?

mine almost touches too, and i use a 15 &14 case protector

The E models come with a case saver (curved steel gismo with spacers) sized for the stock 14T sprocket. S and SM models come with a 15T sprocket and a case saver that has a little more clearance to clear the slightly larger sprocket. Order a new oem case saver for an S or SM model, or just carefully grind a couple of millimeters off of the inside of the curved part.

Thanks guys, I'll see how it goes with the dremel first and see how that goes.


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