IMBA Drinks Wilderness Kool-Aid


Thanks! its always a good thing to be informed about stuff like this:foul: :ride:


"MOST" Bike wennies just don't learn unless hit real hard with a piece of Lycra. :lol:

Now before all you MTB/OHV people get your bun huggers in a bunch, I am one of the "oldschool" MTB riders from when it all started. I now help my buddy Chris Vargas, founder of the Warriors Scociety, one of the top ten hardest rides in the country. I run support for all his rides here in So. Cal., He is also an ex-OHV rider and supports all of the organizations that are against us. So go ahead and wack me, flame suit is on.. :bonk:

It is really to bad that some of the MTB groups are so lost. Get the picture? Ban together or loose it all......:ride:

Not shocking...go read MTBR, lots of support for the sierra club in the ranks.

I hate people in general more and more everyday.

Imba can take thier subaru's and thier elitist attitudes to hell. Most of the people at mtbr illegally ride on horse trails all the time. Stay in the bay, leave the forest trails to us.

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